The Kanheri Caves, Mumbai

The Kanheri Caves are located in the Borivali National Park (Sanjay Gandhi National Park). These caves are carved in the years between the first century BC and the 6th century AD. Kanheri caves are one of the oldest and largest group of Buddhist caves in the world! An ancient legacy on incredible India that must not be missed! Go in monsoon to enjoy the greenery of the hills, go in winter to explore higher caves from a historical point of view. The...

The Brass and Bell metal utensils- Remuna

Remuna is famous for brass and bell metal utensils. Brass utensils are made with the help of an alloy of copper and zinc, whereas bell metal is the composition of tin, bronze and some zinc and lead. This mixture of metal called bell metal or "KANSA" is an extensive use in manufacturing household utensils.   These copper and bronze utensils are generally used in temples in Odisha and mostly tribal extensively used these...

Stoneware Utensils, Baulagadia, Nilgiri,Odisha

There is a village called Baulagadia near to Nilgiri  is famous for Stoneware utensils. In Baulagadia most of the villagers  earn their living by stone- carving. The craftsmen produce many beautiful items like polished plates ('Thali'), containers ('Gina, Pathuri'), cups and glasses. These are used for pujas, ritual worships as well for regular eating 'Pathuris'. Deep containers are particularly good for storing curd as they do not react to acid...

Kanwar Yatra

Kanwar yatra also known as Bolbum journey. During the month of Sravan the devotees also know as kanwariyas collect vessels of water from Mahanadi, Cuttack and carry them to a Shiv temple at Lingaraj temple Bhubaneswar. Travelling on foot, the Kanwariyas transport their bottles of jal(water) in a pair of pots, suspended from a bamboo yoke that rests upon their shoulders. The water is never allowed to touch the ground and the piligrims travel...

Bodh Gaya Bihar

Bodh Gaya is the most holy place for the followers of the Buddhist faith all over the world. Situated by the bank of river Neranjana the place was then known as Uruwela. King Ashoka was the first to build a temple...

Pushkar Camel Fair 2015

One of the oldest cities in India, Pushkar hosts the largest livestock and camel fair in the world. The old bylanes of Pushakar give it a rustic feel, which attracts tourists from all over the world, which speaks for the vibrant scene there all year round. Camels roaming the desert against the backdrop of the Brahma temple and Pushkar lake, provides for a spectacular sight not to be...

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