Reeshma Dunaka

It was an immense pleasure to have a hard working and most passionate person like pramod saha at my wedding. You gave us the memories of my wedding in the most beautiful way. I love that u just don't take pictures, u capture moments. We are really grateful. Your photos are just amazing! Thank you so...

Kathrin Schreck

When I met Pramod for the first time in November 2014, I realized very quick that he is a receptive  young man, trustful and extremely polite. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him. There I saw, that he is on the best way to get a serious and fantastic photographer. I am very proud to be his friend and I hope, I will be able to travel back to India, meet him again and learn more of taking good...

Akanksha Kumar (Journalist, Gujurat)

The photography and visuals on this website is so appealing. It pleases my senses. Pramod Saha has a wonderful sense of colours and is also good with editing. He observes the unnoticeable. He has a thing for creatures especially insects which is great. I am an...

Manikanth Dunaka (Asst. Filmmaker, Raasta Films)

Pramod has been a nice friend of mine ever since I met him in my PG at XIC. Firstly I was so impressed by his mentality and nature and the way he consider things. If you ever want a help on a friendly grounds, he is the one to approach. Apart from our friendship, he's got one more interesting thing to look into, his talent of capturing wonderful moments of living and non-living things of nature with his camera. He has a phenomenal talent of showing...

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