The Kanheri Caves are located in the Borivali National Park (Sanjay Gandhi National Park).

These caves are carved in the years between the first century BC and the 6th century AD. Kanheri caves are one of the oldest and largest group of Buddhist caves in the world! An ancient legacy on incredible India that must not be missed! Go in monsoon to enjoy the greenery of the hills, go in winter to explore higher caves from a historical point of view. The carvings are superb and with statues showing Buddha with apsaras and manekas.The statues themselves are magnificent and some even have the paint still on them.

The location is quiet and peaceful and you would never believe that you were IN Mumbai — no traffic, no fumes, no noise!

These caves are a must for anyone who loves history, is an Indo-phile or just likes to savour some peace and quiet.